Announcing the Allstate CDL Professional Development Incentives

As part of its Premier Sponsorship of the Chicago Debate League, Allstate is providing $100 incentives to the first 50 CDL coaches that reach 10 professional development hours by the end of the first semester: the Allstate CDL Professional Development Incentives. There will likely be another set of incentives for coaches’ full-season record of professional development, which we hope to be able to announce a little later in the season.

Several coaches in the CDL have already reached the first-semester standard of 10 hours of professional development (5 hours for external coaches), and will be receiving their $100 checks from the Chicago Debate Commission soon. All official coaches — regular and external, district, charter, and guest schools — are eligible to earn these incentives.

I’ve attached an overview of the CDL Professional Development System, along with the PD Reporting Notebook that Forrest circulated earlier today.

In its strong support for and involvement in the Chicago Debate League Allstate is deeply committed to the primacy of the coach in making the dramatic difference in students’ lives that competitive academic debate can make. It believes that improving the training and professional development of CDL coaches is an essential part of leveraging the past success of the CDL to have an even bigger and broader impact on public school students in Chicago.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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