Announcing the Return of the Mid-Season Classic at DePaul

Tournament III will once again be the Mid-Season Classic for the “AA” and “A” Conferences, and this Classic will once again be hosted by DePaul University, Lincoln Park Campus. We had a Mid-Season Classic hosted by DePaul for five years in the mid-decade, and it’s very good to be at DePaul once again mid-season.

The “AA” and “A” Conferences will be debating together at this event — both Conferences combining so that we will have one JV Division and one Varsity Division.

The structure of this tournament requires two full days, so as in the past T3 for the “AA” and the “A” Conferences will start in the morning on Friday. See the T3 schedule. The center of the tournament, including the tab room, will be in the Schmitt Academic Center, 2320 N. Kenmore Ave.

We’ll break to the Octo-Finals, and all Octo-Finalists will receive medal count points, since the Conferences will be combined. We’ll use the combined runnable cases.

We’re also working on getting a corporate sponsor to help support and add to the event, we’ll have more information about that if and when it happens. T3 for the LCC and the RCC will continue to be the Roberto Bustamante Classic at Thomas Kelly H.S. (December 3rd and 4th), a tournament with its own storied tradition.

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