Need Judges for T2 (November 5th-6th)

Pay is $40 for judges who are on-time for all rounds each day at T2. A $25 finals bonus is available to judges who are asked by tournament director to stay and judge through finals.

I’ve attached the schedule – judges should contact me with their availability and cell phone number and I’ll assign you to a site between the following:

Local Circuit Conference
Hope College Prep
5515 S. Lowe Ave.

“A” Conference
Kelvyn Park H.S.
4438 W. Wrightwood Ave.
Chicago, IL

“AA” Conference
Harlan Community Academy
9652 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL

We welcome our alums and former debaters in the area coming to our tournaments to enrich the educational experience for our students and to offer positive feedback to help them improve.

Judges who normally judge for RCC schools are welcome and encouraged to judge this weekend since T2 for the RCC falls a week later, at Niles West. This is a good chance to hear debates and earn some money for those regular judges in the RCC.

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