CMSDL Support School Program Announcement

We have the matches between middle schools and support schools.

Alcott Elementary — Alcott H.S.
Ariel Elementary — Phillips Academy
Kershaw Elementary — Urban Prep
Lincoln Elementary — Lincoln Park H.S.
Alaine Locke Elementary — Marshall H.S.
Morgan Park Academic Center — Morgan Park H.S.
Shoop Elementary — Brooks College Prep
Spencer Elementary — Schurz H.S.
Zapata Academy — Little Village H.S.

Guest schools and district schools who added themselves beyond the CPS CMSDL budget are not assigned a support school unless they pay for one (we can provide details —

The Support School Tracking Form has contact information for both the MS and SS coaches.

We are tracking support school visits differently this year. Instead of being paid one lump sum for the year, and being required to do 10 site visits during the year, as we have conducted the Support School Program the past couple of years, this year support school coaches are paid per hour for each hour that they visit their MS, and they can be paid for up to 20 hours for being at the CMSDL tournaments, as long as they judge and/or assist in the administration of the tournament.

Let me know if you have any questions, or 312-427-0524.

You can start meeting, MS’s and SS’s, though note that this weekend is Tournament Two in the CDL.

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