Current Leaders in the 2010/11 Allstate "Expanding Opportunities" Initiative

The Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative is designed to help support and expand competitive academic debate programs in the CDL high schools with the highest Title I percentages, sponsored and funded by the CDL’s Premier Sponsor, Allstate Insurance. (Title I, everyone should know, refers to the level of family income below which a student is eligible for free or reduced-price lunch, and certain other federal benefits. It is approximately $33,000 or less annual income for a family of four.) The threshold level for a school being part of the Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative is having an 85% or higher Title I student population.

Here is an alphabetical list of the 29 high schools that are part of the 2010/11 Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative.

Amundsen (“AA”)
Brooks (LCC)
Collins (“AA”)
Ellison (“AA”)
Farragut (“AA”)
Harlan (“AA”)
Hope (LCC)
Hubbard (“AA”)
Hyde Park (“A”)
Juarez (“AA”)
Thomas Kelly (LCCC)
Kelvyn Park (“A”)
Little Village (“A”)
Manley (“AA”)
Marine (“AA”)
Marshall (“A”)
Mather (“A”)
North Lawndale (“AA”)
Phillips (“A”)
Phoenix (LCC)
Power House (“AA”)
Prosser (“A”)
Rauner (“AA”)
Rowe-Clark (“A”)
School of the Arts (“AA”)
Schurz (LCC)
Urban Prep (LCC)
Westinghouse (“AA”)

The Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative will be providing incentives to the top ten schools in their level of tournament participation after T3. The current rankings of all 29 schools is on the 5th page of the Tournament Reporting Notebook. But to save your index finger one more mouse click at the moment, here is the ranking after T2.

1. Urban Prep (LCC)
2. Phillips (“A”)
3. Brooks (LCC)
4. Phoenix (LCC)
5. Schurz (LCC)
6. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
7. School of the Arts (“AA”)
8. Amundsen (“AA”)
8. Hope (LCC)
10. Little Village (“A”)
10. Marshall (“A”)
10. Mather (“A”)
13. Farragut (“AA”)
13. Hubbard (“AA”)
13. Hyde Park (“AA”)
13. Rowe-Clark (“A”)
17. Westinghouse (“AA”)
18. Juarez (“AA”)
19. Collins (“AA”)
20. Prosser (“A”)

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