Tournament Three Previewing for DePaul Mid-Season Classic (Conference "A" and "AA")

What this is: for teams that want to research a new affirmative case for the next tournament, entirely optional.
Who: JV and Varsity, Conference “A” and “AA”
When: deadline for Previews and Plan text Changes is 6 pm, November 22nd.

The forms for Previewing and Plan Text Changes as well as the current version of the Previewed Cases for T3 and the Runnable Cases (before additional T3 previews are received) are now up for T3 in the Tournament Forms section of the CDL Document Files.

Please note that for Tournament Three, the preview cases that have been accepted through Tournament One and Two in Varsity are automatically accepted and runnable by any Varsity team. Since we combine Conference “A” and “AA” at DePaul, both conferences will be able to debate these cases.

In addition, T3 is the first tournament where teams may submit a preview affirmative or plan text change for JV debaters. Having submitted a Varsity preview at T1 or T2 does not mean your JV can use that case at T3 – it must be submitted as a JV preview first using the Previewing form.

JV negative argument limits are lifted at T3, meaning JV debaters can run Counterplans, Kritiks, or arguments outside the Core Files on the negative if they wish.

JV debaters are of course welcome to stick to the Core Files affirmatives and not preview a case or stick with the Core Files disadvantages, Topicality, and case negatives rather than expanding their arguments and can do quite well without new arguments. But some more ambitious teams may find that having more negative arguments or a new affirmative case (if previewed by deadline) is an opportunity open to them that may help gain a competitive advantage.

No late previews or plan text changes will be accepted. Please send David an e-mail by 6 pm on Monday, November 22nd. We recommend you send them early so David can take a look at and advise if anything is missing. Previews are only accepted once David has approved that they’re complete – sending at the deadline risks having an incomplete preview that is rejected without sufficient time to revise for completion. The final list of accepted preview cases for T3, both Varsity and JV, will be posted on Tuesday, November 23rd.

Please feel free to Ask David if you have questions about how to research responses to preview cases or want feedback for your ideas on how to start writing/researching a preview case.

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