Allstate Coach Performance Incentives Update

Allstate Coach Performance Incentives will be distributed after T3 and again at T6, the Chicago Debate Championship. Schools receive $100 for every 6 tournament debaters more they have this year after T3 than they had last year after T3, and another $100 for every 12 tournament debaters more they will have this year after T6 than they had last year after T6. Additionally, the top 10 schools in tournament participation by T6 will receive $350 apiece, 11 – 20 receive $150 apiece.

All of these incentives are available to any CDL high school, regardless of Title I level (so they are obviously distinct from the Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Initiative Incentives), and whether the school is district, charter, or guest.

The Allstate Coach Performance Incentives Tracking Form shows that several schools have already earned between $100 and $400 for these incentives, even though every school has another tournament (T3) before a final comparison is made between T1-T3 tournament participation this year and last year. We’ll be sending out these initial checks today.

Note that the Allstate Coach Performance Incentives Tracking Form has a sheet for every school, alphabetized, which has three bar graphs specific to each school: (a) a comparison of last year’s (School Year 2009/10, or SY2010 in our short-hand) total tournament participation vs. this year’s total participation (i.e., currently through T2), (b) a comparison of SY2010 tournament debaters through T3 vs. this year’s total participation, and (c) a comparison of the average number of debaters at each tournament in SY2010 and this year. These bar graphs are to aid your tracking your own program’s performance.

BTW, we are distributing all incentives funds to your school’s head coach, unless you indicate to us otherwise. The Allstate Coach Performance Incentives document does have a handy list of some ideas, just for your consideration, of other debate-program uses of the incentive funding generously provided by Allstate.

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