Recruiting and Building Your Team Going Into T3

This is a great time to look at adding new students to your team before the DePaul Mid-Season Classic in Conference “A” and “AA,” where they’ll be competing against students from all over the city on a beautiful college campus, and the always-strong competition at the Thomas Kelly Bustamante Memorial in LCC/RCC.

Tournament Three is the prime opportunity for schools to make progress toward:

*The Allstate Coach Performance Incentives program offers $100 incentives for increments of additional tournament debaters this year over last year, and additional, larger incentives for the top-performing schools in tournament participation at T6.

*The Allstate Expanding Opportunities Initiative, which will award $750 to the top ten schools in participation out of the 29 in the CDL this year with 85% or higher Title I student enrollment.

David’s top ten ideas for recruiting are something all coaches should look at for ideas to get more students involved for T3 starting on Monday – feel free to share additional ideas in the comment sections.

Schools should feel free to ask for and use more recruiting posters. Please e-mail Forrest in order to get additional posters sent to your school. We’ve seen them at quite a few schools, but don’t forget to write your meeting time and what classroom you can be found in on the posters and put them up in several key locations in the school, corridors leading to lunchroom, near main entrance, etc.

Related to this, some schools will need to order additional Core Files.

The company you will be ordering from is E&D Web Printing. All of your orders should be e-mailed directly to Ralph Fowlkes at Phone number is 708-656-6600.

When emailing Ralph your order, you will need to contain the following information:

*Your Name
*School Name
*Address of School
*Identify that you wish to order the CDL 2010/2011 Core Files
*The number of copies you wish to order ($14.65/copy)
*The date the copies are needed by

Once Ralph receives your email with the required information, he will email you an estimate. You will need to take the estimate to your school’s Business Manager so that a PO can be produced. Once the PO is produced, your order is complete and you should be able to expect delivery by the date requested.

Please contact with any questions or for support.

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