The CMSDL Professional Development System

The Chicago Middle School Debate League is launching a new Professional Development System for its coaches. Please read the overview carefully; the essence of it is that each MS coach is required to undertake 20 hours of professional development in academic debate coaching and teaching during the year. There are five venues in which this professional development is being offered this season, and the CMSDL Professional Development Reporting Notebook is tracking each MS coach’s professional development throughout the season.

MS coaches from ASAS schools will continue to be paid by the After School All Stars for their time at Coach Training Seminars.

Also, Allstate, the premier sponsor of the Chicago Debate League, is offering a $100 incentive to each MS coach after they finish their first 10 hours of professional development this year. There are several coaches who are very close to this mark — check the CMSDL Professional Development Reporting Notebook to see where you stand and how close you are to getting your $100 Allstate CMSDL Professional Development Incentive.

The CMSDL believes that coaches are the key determinant of success in a MS debate team — coaches recruit, motivate, engage, teach, and coach the students. Thus our continued work developing our MS coaches professional skills as debate coaches is critical to the overall success of the CMSDL. We very much appreciate your commitment to productive professional development, and be assured that the CMSDL administration is here to serve and support you as developing debate coaches.

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