Announcing: 2010/11 CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives

We are pleased to announce that Allstate, the premier sponsor of the Chicago Debate League, is offering 2010/11 CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives. Read the overview for a full description — the short version is that Allstate is providing incentives of $100 for every 6 tournament debaters schools are above their post-T2 level from last season, and for every 12 tournament debaters schools are above their post-T4 levels from last season. There are also coaching incentives offered to the top three schools in tournament participation for the season, to be provided at the Fourth Annual Chicago Middle School Debate Championship.

The CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives Tracking Form will help you monitor your school’s participation levels this year relative to last year, to see how close your school is to winning an Allstate Coaching Incentive.

The first Allstate Coaching Incentive has been won by new CMSDL school Emiliano Zapata Academy (Congratulations!), the check for which will be sent out early next week.

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