Announcing: The 2011 Allstate Varsity Invitational

The Chicago Debate League is very pleased to announce the 2011 Allstate Varsity Invitational, January 28th and 29th, 2011, sponsored and hosted by Allstate Insurance, at its Northbrook national headquarters. Check the overview for full details, and the full Tournament Schedule.

Here’s a short summary. Following T3, the CDL will select 14 Varsity teams to participate, from all four Conferences, no fewer than two teams from any one Conference, no more than five, and no more than two teams from any one school. Each school will receive a $500 coach incentive from Allstate for participating ($1,000 if a school has two teams selected). The event will run from 1pm on Friday, January 28th, until 4pm, January 29th. It will be a four-round tournament, followed by Semi-Finals for the top four teams. Transportation will be provided on both days by the CDL. The four “prelim” rounds will have two judges apiece, one from Allstate one from the CDL. Each team will be required to bring one judge. The event will culminate with a reception for Allstate Volunteers and all of the teams. There will be no previewing or argument limitations.

This event will provide some advance preparation for the 2011 Chicago Debate Championship in March, in that it will involve Conference blending. It will bring together the CDL’s premier sponsor, Allstate, and its employee volunteers, with some of the top debaters in the CDL. And, with a theme of “Preparing for Professional Life,” and its corporate backdrop, the 2011 Allstate Varsity Invitational will be a mechanism for expanding the scope and impact of the CDL further into being a college and career preparatory program.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

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