Meals and Related Logistics at the DePaul Mid-Season Classic

The Chicago Debate League will provide lunch and dinner on Friday and a light breakfast and lunch on Saturday, this weekend at the 2010 DePaul CDL Mid-Season Classic. All meals will be served in the first-floor “pit” of the Schmitt Academic Center, the only eating space available to us this weekend. It will be comfortable, but not luxurious — our debaters, judges, and coaches will need to be prepared to find a spot around this informal space to dine.

We will have pizza for semi-finalist debaters, coaches, and judges (only, there won’t be more than can feed these participants), on Saturday evening.

In general, we’re going to again be straining the capacity a little bit at DePaul this weekend, so though we are committed to maintain our strict standard of punctuality that we have in the CDL, we will require some of your patience, cooperativeness, and readiness to apply yourself to something a little new, e.g., find a college classroom building a few hundred feet from the Schmitt Academic Center to get to your debate. We’ll also need all coaches to be enforcing student decorum and behavior norms — in particular, we need to be sure that students are being very respectful of DePaul property (e.g., not sitting on tables), not eating outside of the SAC pit area, and leaving rooms as they have found them.

Being on the campus of one of the city’s and the country’s finer universities we believe brings significant college access pluses to our students, that’s why we are pleased to be at DePaul this weekend. This is also a great inter-Conference opportunity for our debaters in the “AA” and “A” Conferences. The benefits significantly outweigh the costs, but we’ll have to acknowledge and accept that there will be a few costs.

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