Amazing T3 Registration!

We currently have 261 teams, 520+ debaters, registered to debate this weekend at T3, from all four Conferences. What a great number of Chicago public high school students whose lives are being impacted by the power of competitive academic debate! All of these students being introduced to rigorous critical thinking based on the use of textual evidence to support their application of logic and analysis to advocate for a public policy position on the use of U.S. troops (or military presence, no one quote me on T, please!) in other countries. Entirely aligned with what all of these students will need to do to get into and succeed in college.

And all of the effort of all of our coaches that this registration reflects.

Pretty amazing when you think about it.

Congratulations to the CDL coaches!

Now let’s be sure that we get all of these students to the two tournaments this weekend, yes?

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