Announcing the Allstate "Expanding Opportunities" Initiative — Fall, 2010 Winning Schools

We are very pleased to announce the ten schools who have won incentives of $500 per school (this is the final budget figure of these incentives this school year). These winners are the top ten Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” schools in tournament participation, through T3.

As is documented in the Tournament Reporting Notebook, here are the Top 20 “Expanding Opportunities” schools at the mid-way point in the 2010/11 season.

1. Urban Prep (LCC)
2. Phoenix (LCC)
3. Phillips (“AA”)
4. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
5. Brooks (“A”)
6. Hope (“A”)
7. Schurz (LCC)
8. Hyde Park (“A”)
9. Mather (“A”)
10. Little Village (“A”)
(tie) 10. Marshall (“AA”)
Due to the tie, these two schools will receive $250 apiece

12. Farragut (“AA”)
13. School of the Arts (“AA”)
14. Amundsen (“AA”)
15. Hubbard (“AA”)
(tie) 15. Westinghouse (“AA”)
17. Rowe-Clark (“A”)
18. Collins (“AA”)
19. Juarez (“AA”)
(tie) 19. Prosser (“A”)


We ask that a coach from each of the ten schools winning the $500 Allstate Incentive contact Forrest Sumlar ( to let him know who you would like the check made out to. We presume that these will be used as coach stipend augmentation, but you can split the incentive between more than one coach, or you can use it for any other debate-related purpose — a party for your debaters, attire for your debaters, tubs, transportation, etc.

At the 2011 Chicago Debate Championship, we will be offering $500 Allstate Incentives to the top five “Expanding Opportunities” in overall tournament participation and the top five schools in increased participation (T4-T6 numbers this year over T1-T3 numbers this year).

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