T4 Registration, Schedule and Previewing

Tournament 4 is on January 14th and 15th for the following conferences – please follow the T4 Schedule:

LCC: Lincoln Park High School, 2001 N. Orchard St.

Conference “A”: Prosser Career Academy, 2148 N. Long Ave.

Conference “AA”: Westinghouse College Prep, 3223 W. Franklin Blvd.

Coaches should use the T4 Registration Form to register with Forrest by January 4th.

We will allow one new Varsity-only preview per school using the T4 Previewing Form, due January 3rd at 6 pm. No late previews will be accepted, please send early to get feedback and to confirm it’s approved – any incomplete submissions near the deadline will not be accepted if they’re incomplete.

Each school may change one plan text for a Core Files case or previously previewed case in both JV and Varsity using the T4 Plan Text Change Form, also due January 3rd by 6 pm.

Accepted previews and plan text changes will be posted on Tuesday, January 4th.

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