Announcing the Allstate Coaching Incentives at Mid-Season

The Allstate Coaching Incentives Tracking Form reports on which schools have won Allstate Coaching Incentives here at the mid-season point in the Chicago Debate League, and how much of an incentive they are receiving (or have received).

You’ll recall that the Allstate Coaching Incentives are provided at the mid-way point of the season this way: $100 is provided for every 6 tournament debaters that a school has accumulated this year over the number of tournament debaters they had last year (T1 – T3). For new schools, we’ve used a 12 debaters baseline.

Fully half of the schools in the CDL have won an Allstate Coaching Incentive — 26 schools — for a total so far of $6,000. Here are the amounts that they have won.

Alcott — $400
Champaign Central — $100
Chicago Ag. — $250
Michele Clark — $150
Douglass — $150
Ellison — $50
Farragut — $150
Hope — $150
Hubbard — $50
Hyde Park — $150
Thomas Kelly — $550
King — $150
Lane Tech — $200
Lincoln Park — $150
Little Village — $150
Mather — $50
Morgan Park — $400
Northside — $500
Phillips — $500
Phoenix — $150
Power House — $50
Rowe-Clark — $100
School of the Arts — $350
Taft — $150
Urban Prep — $300
Woodlawn — $250
Whitney Young — $400

At T6, the Chicago Debate Championship, we will be providing Allstate Coaching Incentives to schools of $100 for every 12 debaters they are over their 2009/10 level of tournament debaters. You can check the specific school sheets on the Allstate Coaching Incentives Tracking Form to see (in graph form) where your school stands in relation to last year’s tournament debaters numbers.

We will also be giving Allstate Coaching Incentives of $350 to the top 10 schools in overall tournament participation this year, $150 to 11th – 20th in overall tournament participation.

Thank you, Allstate.

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