Opportununity for CDL Debaters to Appear on Spanish-Language Radio

Matt (Mateo) Katz is a former CDL coach (1998-2003) at Farragut Career Academy. While at Farragut, Matt built a very successful debate program, and an entire legal studies program for his students. Since that time Matt has established an even more successful legal practice in the Little Village community, focusing on legal services for Latinos (Matt has been a fluent Spanish speaker since college).

Matt has a weekday one-hour program on 1450AM, entitled “El Gallo de la Manana.” He’s interested in featuring CDL Spanish-speaking debaters — their debate experiences, and their experiences more broadly as Latino public high school students in Chicago. This is an opportunity particularly for Latino students who have an outspoken or activist inclination — this may be a venue for young Latino voices that are not being heard by the wider Spanish-speaking public.

The exact time commitment, and airtime, are still to be determined. Matt and I would like to meet with students interested in this opportunity at his offices. Please let me know if you have any student or students who would be interested in coming to this initial meeting with successful attorney, former CDL coach, and radio personality Mateo Katz.

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