Announcing the Winter 2011 Allstate Varsity Invitational Teams

The Winter 2011 Allstate Varsity Invitational will take place on January 28th and 29th, 2011 in Northbrook, Illinois, at the national headquarters of Allstate Insurance.

Here are the 14 invited Varsity teams, from all four Conferences. Their schools will receive a $500 incentive, and their transportation to the tournament both days will be provided by the CDC.

Chicago Ag (“A”) — Demetrius Griffith and Sydney Foulks
Collins (“AA”) — Paris Reed and Samuel Scott
Harlan (“AA”) — Daryl Long and Toluwani Adesanya
Hubbard (“AA”) — Adan Meza and Jesus Mercado
Hyde Park (“A”) — Erin Carley and Vichina Austin
Jones (LCC) — Angel Valle and Pedro Galarza
Thomas Kelly (LCC) — Connie Tan and Luis Hernandez
Lane Tech (RCC) — Eric Dohner and Joey Peculis
Lincoln Park (LCC) — Elisabeth Frau and Leah Balay-Wilson
Mather (“A”) — David Greenberg and Sofia Sheikh
Prosser (“A”) — Kyle Davis and Shanisha Tillman
Taft (LCC) — Jade Ivy and Kristen Ivy
Urban Prep (LCC) — Kendrick Washington and Raheem Cooper-Thomas
Whitney Young (RCC) — Hiba Sheikh and Rahat Sajwani

There will be no previewing or argument limitations. There will be no workshops or planning meetings for this event. The format is policy debate, on the 2010/11 national high school debate topic. Each prelim round will have two judges: one CDL judge and one Allstate judge. Please read the overview carefully. Please confirm with Forrest — — no later than the end of the day Friday, 12/17, that your team will participate, and to whom the $500 incentive should be issued to (we’ll be sending these in two increments of $250, one now and one at the event).

We’re looking forward to a very exciting, very educational, very appealing special event, toward the end of January. Congratulations to all 14 invitees. This is a very strong group of Varsity teams from throughout the CDL.

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