Coach Stipends — Second Allocation

[Document added to this note: Aggregated Debate Budget Allocation, which reflects the sum of the first and second allocations from CPS.]

Please check the Second Allocation of coach stipends for CDL district schools, set at the level determined by the CDL Coach Stipend Allocation System, and based on Mentor Coach and Support School tracking forms for hours worked through T3. This allocation is to be disbursed to local school accounts we hope by T4 (January 14th-15th). We’ll announce when the funds appear in school accounts.

As we have said from the start, and as we state in the Allocation System overview, this new system of allocating coach stipends in the CDL is “expenditure-neutral,” it doesn’t affect the total amount of coach stipend money to be allocated, but it does align allocations with performance, defined as attainment of the Participation Standard.

We are currently on path to end the season under-budget in the allocation of coach stipends under this new system by about $10,000 total. CPS has agreed to award incentives with these unallocated funds to schools in the top 20 increased participation performance at the end of this season, comparing T4-T6 tournament participants to T1-T3 tournament participants.

So, for example, Prosser H.S. had 16 tournament participants at T1-T3, according to the Tournament Reporting Notebook — if Prosser has 24 tournament participants at T4-T6, that will be an increase of 50%, likely to rank in the top 20 at the end of the year in increased participation performance (unless there are 20 schools that have more than a 50% increase in their tournament participation the second half of the season).

The top 10 schools will receive $750, schools 11 – 20 will receive $250. Note, however, that these numbers assume that we end the season with $10,000 of unallocated coach stipend funding — we will adjust this incentive structure (up or down) depending on how much unallocated coach stipend funding we actually end the year with.

Please don’t hesitate to raise any questions you might have.


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