Three Data Items

Three items here regarding data that we require from all CDL schools.


We need to get a completed Debate Meeting Reporting Form from each school for each month of the year (note that the tabs at the bottom of the document identify the month) — August, September, October, November, and December so far.

Please complete the document and send it to Na-Tae Thompson,

So far we’ve received very little debate meeting reporting from CDL schools. Here is the reporting that we have.

Michele Clark

Thomas Kelly
September, October

Lane Tech


September, October

September, October, November


By contrast, we have gotten almost 100% of schools’ student rosters. You can check the current CDL Student Roster to verify that we have all of your students listed. We will be following up with coaches to obtain some missing “year in school” and “year in debate” information.


New data item next. We need each school to let us know if their school offers an Argumentation and Debate course or not this year, and if so (a) who teaches it, and (b) how many sections of it are offered. Please send Forrest an email ( or give him a call (312-427-0524, ext. 4) to let him know, yea or nay.

Thanks much for your cooperation on these data-gathering tasks, essential to the running, monitoring, and assessing of the CDL.

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    • Chicago Debate League
      Chicago Debate League says:

      Hi Sandra,

      When you click the link on the blog post, it doesn’t download the document, but rather leads you to a preview of that document (much like Google does when you preview a Word document on Gmail). As you’ve noticed, you can’t edit the preview, so you’ll need to complete one more step in order to download and edit the form itself.

      To download, click the downward facing arrow icon on the lower right hand side of the preview. The document should then download in .xls format (Excel), so it should work with Windows operating system as long as you have Microsoft Excel installed. If you’re still having problems, let us know (email and we’ll email you with the reporting document attached.

      Hope that helps.


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