CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives — Update

The CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives are described fully in an Overview, which we posted earlier this season. We will be providing $100 incentives for every 12 tournament debaters more a school has by T4 this year over last year. These incentives are in addition to the $1,150 in Allstate Coaching Incentives that the CDL provided after T2 (and actually just mailed out this week).

You can check out where your school stands in the quest for these incentives on the CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives Tracking Form.

Also, the top three schools in total tournament participation for the season will be given Allstate Coaching Incentives at the Chicago Middle School Debate Championship (T4) — 1st place-$350, 2nd place-$250, 3rd place-$150. Going into MS T3, those top three schools stand as:

1. Lincoln
2. Ariel
3. Zapata

Also well in the hunt are:

4. Morgan Park
(tie) 4. Shoop
6. Ogden

Let us know if you have any questions.

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