We Need to Know If Your School Offers "Argumentation and Debate"

So far only seven schools have told us (by emailing or calling Forrest, forrestsumlar@urbandebate.org, 312-427-0524, ext.4). Please contact Forrest, if you have not already, either way — either Yes, your school does offer it, or No, your school does not offer it.

If your school does offer an “Argumentation and Debate” course, please tell us who teaches it, and how many sections.

Alcott (N)
Jones (N)
Thomas Kelly (Y, Jen Nolan, 1)
Morgan Park (N)
Rowe-Clark (N)
Woodlawn (N)
Whitney Young (Y, Jeff Scheur, 1)

Please contact Forrest today to let him know this important information. Thanks.

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