Job Posting: CDC Professional Development Coordinator

As part of its Premier Sponsorship of the Chicago Debate League, Allstate is funding a part-time, one-year position with the Chicago Debate Commission intended and designed to upgrade the professional development offerings to all coaches in the Chicago Debate League. You can learn all about the position, the required qualifications for applicants, and how to apply, by reading the CDC’s job posting. We encourage you to share this job posting with anyone who might be interested in the position, and we encourage all interested persons to apply.

Outside of administering large and educationally valuable tournaments, and helping build functioning and sustainable debate programs at local schools, training CDL coaches, the vast majority of whom are educators in Chicago’s public school system, may be the CDC’s most central programming function. This position will help upgrade the CDC’s resources, materials, and design, for the benefit of the Chicago Debate League’s 125+ debate coaches and for the 1200+ students that they educate yearly.

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