Coach Training Meetings at T4

There will be two Coach Training Meetings at Tournament Four, offering professional development for CDL coaches.

At Lane Tech (RCC), Whitney Young external coach Elyse Conklin will lead a session on two very important meeting activities: practice rounds and rebuttal re-do’s. The session will take place on Saturday, during Round V, in Room 322.

At Lincoln Park (LCC), Hope head coach Kurt Hilgendorf will lead a session on teaching policy debate to students facing literacy challenges. He will be introducing this graphic organizer as a way to bridge literacy gaps. The first session will be during Round IV (Room 112) on Saturday morning. If there is interest, he will run a second session after lunch, during Round V.

You don’t need to register for these sessions, you can simply attend, assuming that you are not obligated to judge. It would be helpful, though, to inform the Tab Room in advance that you want to be sure you are not judging during the session (again, assuming you are not obligated to judge).

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