T5 Registration and Previewing

The CDL Championship in each Conference — Tournament Five — is on February 25th and 26th for the following conferences:

LCC: Schurz High School, 3601 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Conference “A”: Chicago Ag, 3857 W. 111st St.

Conference “AA”: Michele Clark, 5101 W. Harrison St.

Coaches should use the T5 Registration Form to register with Forrest by February 15th.

We will allow one new preview per school each in Varsity and JV using the T5 Previewing Form, due February 9th at 6 pm. No late previews will be accepted, please send early to get feedback and to confirm it’s approved – any incomplete submissions near the deadline will not be accepted if they’re incomplete.

Each school may change one plan text for a Core Files case or previously previewed case in both JV and Varsity using the T5 Plan Text Change Form, also due February 9th by 6 pm.

Accepted previews and plan text changes will be posted on Thursday, February 10th.

Two great starting places for research on the CDL blog are the Research Help page and the Topic Resources page

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