Post-T4 Tournament Reporting Notebook

The current CDL Tournament Reporting Notebook documents that Tournament Four was somewhat of a setback for the Chicago Debate League. We actually had about 8% fewer debaters at T4 this year than we had at T4 last year, the first time this season that we’ve under-performed in engaging students in competitive academic debate this year relative to last year. Overall, for the season, we’re up 11% in the number of tournament debaters as a League (17% relative to where we would have been without Allstate financial support in 2010, i.e., relative to a non-Allstate “baseline”), but the CDL administration is fully committed to making sure that over the last 10 weeks of the CDL season that we help every school in the League engage and educate as many students as we possibly can — which means significantly more students than we engaged and educated last year — in competitive academic debate. We want to work with you to help us all still achieve something special this season.

Here are the Top Twenty Schools in overall student participation in the CDL so far (on course to earn CPS-supported performance incentives, as they are currently configured, at the Chicago Debate Championship), as is revealed in the CDL Tournament Reporting Notebook.

1. Whitney Young (RCC)
2. Lane Tech (RCC)
3. Payton (RCC)
3. Urban Prep (LCC)
5. Northside (RCC)
6. Phoenix (LCC)
7. Alcott (“A”)
7. Chicago Ag. (“A”)
7. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
10. Lincoln Park (LCC)
11. Morgan Park (LCC)
12. Taft (LCC)
13. Brooks (LCC)
14. Phillips (“AA”)
15. Hyde Park (“A”)
16. Marshall (“A”)
16. Mather (“A”)
18. Hope (LCC)
19. Woodlawn (“AA”)
20. Jones (LCC)

Here are the Top Twenty Schools in student participation increase (2010/11 over 2009/10) in the CDL so far, as is revealed in the CDL Tournament Reporting Notebook.

1. Douglass (“AA”)
2. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
3. Morgan Park (LCC)
4. Alcott (“A”)
5. School of the Arts (“AA”)
6. Michele Clark (“AA”)
7. Farragut (“AA”)
8. Hyde Park (“A”)
9. Chicago Ag. (“A”)
10. Lincoln Park (LCC)
11. Urban Prep (LCC)
12. King (LCC)
13. Little Village (“A”)
13. Northside (RCC)
15. Hubbard (“AA”)
16. Champaign Central (“A”)
17. Phoenix (LCC)
18. Rowe-Clark (“A”)
19. Kenwood (LCC)
20. Hope (LCC)

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