Current, Post-T4 Medal Count

Review the Medal Count to learn how your school is doing in aggregating its season-long competitive record, relative to the rest of the schools in the CDL.

You’ll note from looking at the point valuation for each team award, located at the bottom of the Medal Count, that Varsity team awards earn significantly more medal count points than JV team awards; for most of the medals, Varsity earns more than twice the points as JV. This differential is consistent with the greater significance of Varsity debate accomplishment, the more advanced level of debating that takes place at the Varsity level. And this differential is consistent with the Varsity/JV hierarchy that exists throughout interscholastic competitions (think Varsity basketball, track, or baseball in relation to their JV or Frosh/Soph counterparts).

Here are the Top 25 schools in the CDL Medal Count, as we move past T4 and look to T5.

1. Northside (RCC)
2. Hyde Park (“A”)
3. Hubbard (“AA”)
4. Lincoln Park (LCC)
5. Mather (“A”)
6. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
7. Payton (RCC)
8. Marshall (“A”)
8. Westinghouse (“AA”)
10. Whitney Young (RCC)
11. Lane Tech (RCC)
12. Evanston (“A”)
12. Woodlawn (“AA”)
14. Chicago Ag. (“A”)
15. Harlan (“AA”)
16. Jones (LCC)
17. Collins (“AA”)
18. Prosser (“A”)
19. Northtown (“A”)
20. Alcott (“A”)
21. Michele Clark (“AA”)
22. Phoenix (LCC)
23. Hope (LCC)
23. Taft (LCC)
25. Noble Street (“A”)

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