Evanston Township Tournament February 4th and 5th – Participation Opportunity for Non-RCC Schools

Evanston Township has generously offered to reduce their entry fee by half to $15 per two-debater team for all non-RCC schools.

This is a good opportunity for teams to add to their overall year-long and second-half participation numbers for the Allstate CDL Coaching Incentives and Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” Incentives. The number of students taking part from each school at Evanston will be counted in the “Additional CDL Event Debaters” column on the “Participation Numbers” sheet of the Tournament Reporting Notebook.

As an added motivation for teams to compete in addition to getting more debates against RCC and suburban competition in advance of the CDL Conference Championships and Chicago Debate Championship, we will count the number of students taking part from any non-RCC school toward your participation standard at any one tournament during the year. So, for example, if a school from Conference “AA” was under the standard with 6 debaters at Tournament Two and had two students competing at Evanston, we would now mark that school as meeting the Participation Standard (8 debaters) at Tournament Two in the Tournament Reporting Notebook. Keep in mind that this could mean a difference of $750 toward a team’s coaching stipend total based on missing the Participation Standard at one tournament under the CPS Stipend Allocation System.

Coaches can find info on how to register and the invitation on the Tournament Documents page – note that there is a 1/26 deadline (exactly a week from today) for contacting Evanston with your estimated number of teams competing to reserve your space in the tournament and that teams are responsible for transportation, fulfilling their judge obligation for any and all debates, and complying with tournament deadlines, rules and penalties.

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