Announcing a Coaches Meeting at MS T3

We will have a Coaches Meeting at Middle School Tournament Three this Saturday, February 12th, 12pm – 1pm, i.e., during Round III. No MS coaches will be programmed to judge Round III. MS coaches will get one hour of professional development credit. This coach training is for MS coaches, not Support School coaches (though Support School coaches are welcome to sit in).

Our topic: Responsiveness and Flow-Based Debate. We will review sample, prepared flow sheets, based on theoretical examples of debates exhibiting responsiveness and using the MS Core Files.

The objectives will be to:

  • give everyone a deeper understanding of how responsiveness and line-by-line debating in policy debate is supposed to occur
  • clarify how this method of debating is based on the flow (thus the key term “flow-based debate”)
  • orient MS coaches around critical thinking and its attachment to the responsiveness standard and “flow-based debate”

Looking forward to this professional development session, and to the competition this Saturday!

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