MS T3 Coaches Meeting Follow-Up

Thanks to all of the coaches who participated in the coaches meeting at Tournament Three on Saturday.

Two follow-up points here.


Coaches unanimously agreed to reverse our earlier agreement to introduce the South Korea affirmative at MS T4 in the Varsity and JV Divisions. So now in all three Divisions at MS T4, the 2011 Chicago Middle School Debate Championship, March 12th, only the Afghanistan and Japan affirmative cases will be runnable. The Runnable Arguments List has been updated accordingly.


We’ve posted a blank version of the Excel template flow sheet, to enable you and your students to begin to consider the future possibility of flowing on a lap top.

And here is the sample flow sheet that we reviewed for the Primacy Disadvantage against the Afghanistan case. It also includes a sample flow sheet for a “Substantially Reduce” Topicality Violation against the Japan case.

The Primacy Disad flow contains the 1NC shell, the 2AC answers, and the 2NC/1NR extension blocks. Then the train tracks end, and the flow represents the critical thinking and analysis of text that makes up the peak academic practices in competitive academic debate.

Also, and unrelatedly: we’ve posted a MS T3 punctuality report.

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