Tournament Three Reporting

What a great success CMSDL Tournament Three was! It was the largest tournament in the four year history of the CMSDL, nearly 30 debaters larger than the second largest ever. We actually got off to a little bit of a slow start in the 2010/11 CMSDL, but we’re roaring now. We engaged and involved 28% more middle school students in competitive academic debate this year at T3 than we did last year at T3. We also had 93% of our middle schools reach the Urban Debate Participation Standard, also an historic high. Great second half of the year!

All of the details on individual school and individual debater participation-performance can be found in the CMSDL Tournament Reporting Notebook.

In overall participation, our top five schools right now, after T3 and going into T4, are:

1. Lincoln
2. Zapata
3. Ariel
4. Ogden
4. Spencer (tie)

And our top four most improved schools in participation over last year are:

1. Ariel
2. Spencer
3. Shoop
4. Frazier

The competitive results for MS T3 are all to be found in the T3 cume sheets.

And the CMSDL Medal Count reports our current top seven (top 50%) schools in the overall season’s debating competition, headed into the biggest, most significant tournament of the season, the 4th Annual Chicago Middle School Debate Championship.

1. Lincoln
2. Morgan Park
3. Ogden
4. Alcott
5. Ariel
5. Zapata (tie)
7. Spencer

Oh, and there are some new photos from MS T3 on the CDL Blog Photos page.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance, and another reminder to all Support School coaches to be arranging visits with your MS coach partners, and reporting on visits to us too.

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