Two Flowing Tools

Two flowing tools discussed in a recent professional development session.

We’ve posted a blank version of an Excel template flow sheet (which you’ll need to download, it doesn’t “preview” here), to enable you and your students to begin to consider the future possibility of flowing on a lap top.

And here is a sample flow sheet that we reviewed for the Primacy Disadvantage run against the Afghanistan case from the Core Files. It also includes a sample flow sheet for a “Substantially Reduce” Topicality Violation against the Japan case.

The Primacy Disad flow contains the 1NC shell, some the 2AC answers, and uses the 2NC/1NR extension blocks. Then the train tracks end, and the flow represents the critical thinking and analysis of text that makes up the peak academic practices in competitive academic debate.

It’s a solid sample that you can review with your debaters to see how the rebuttals handled these off case arguments.

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