T5 Judges Needed for Next Weekend, February 25th – 26th

Pay is $40 per day for judges who are on time for their debates, with a Saturday finals bonus of $25 for judges asked to stay and judge through finals. We’re especially interested in having former debaters and CDL alums to help our current students get valuable feedback in what is their most important tournament of the year up to this point – the Conference Championships, to decide year-long bragging rights within each Conference.

See the T5 schedule.

Please email davidsong@urbandebate.org with your availability and interest and you’ll be assigned a location.

Here are the three sites for tournaments next weekend listed in the order of need for judges:

Conference “A” (strongest area of need by far): Chicago Ag, 3857 W. 111st St.

Conference “AA”: Michele Clark, 5101 W. Harrison St., near Cicero-Forest Park CTA Blue Line station.

LCC: Schurz High School, 3601 N. Milwaukee Ave., near Metra Grayland station.

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