Updated Professional Development Reporting Notebook

According to the updated and current Professional Development Reporting Notebook, the following coaches are within five hours of professional development on the season to attain the season standard (20 hours for regular coaches, 10 hours for external coaches), and thus receiving the $100 Allstate Professional Development Incentive.

Cadmiel Avendano, Little Village (4 away)
Vince Bauer, Woodlawn (4)
Elyse Conklin, Whitney Young (5)
Andrew Glennon, Hope (2.5)
Lauren Harper, Amundsen (2.5)
Christine Horst, Lane Tech (5)
Sharon Sokol, Douglass (4.5)
Sandra Taylor, Prosser (5)

Let us know if you have any questions.

And all coaches should consider organizing a group meeting, holding a tournament meeting, contacting us for a mentor or CDC site visit, or doing some on-line training.

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