Post-T5 Tournament Reporting Notebook

We’ve updated the Tournament Reporting Notebook, with the results now from Tournament Five.

Please download the document and review each sheet.


The Participation Standard sheet reports on how each school is doing this year (up or down, yea or nay) on the Urban Debate Participation Standard (8 debaters per school per tournament), and compares this performance to last year.


The Tournament Numbers sheet reports and ranks each school by total tournament participants this year. Each school can see how it’s doing engaging its students in competitive academic debate relative to every other school.


The Participation Changes sheet reports on how each school is doing in engaging its students in competitive academic debate this year relative to how it did last year.

We’ll have an update of the Incentives Tracking Form, to show how each school is doing, post-T5, relative to the array of CDL incentives being offered this season. But as a preview of that document, here are the current leaders of the year-end Allstate Coaching Incentives.

Top 10 ($350 per school)

1. Lane Tech (RCC)
2. Whitney Young (RCC)
3. Thomas Kelly (LCC)
4. Payton (RCC)
5. Phoenix (LCC)
6. Urban Prep (LCC)
7. Northside (RCC)
8. Chicago Ag. (“A”)
9. Lincoln Park (LCC)
10. Alcott (“A”)

11-20 ($150 per school)

11. Hyde Park (“A”)
12. Brooks (“A”)
13. Morgan Park (LCC)
14. Taft (LCC)
15. Marshall/Mason (“A”)
16. Mather (“A”)
16. Phillips (“A”)
16. U. of Chicago Woodlawn (“AA”)
19. Jones (LCC)
20. King (LCC)

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