Participation Standard at the 2011 Allstate CPS Chicago Debate Championship – Registration Due 3/11

Registration for the 2011 Allstate CPS Chicago Debate Championship (at DePaul’s Loop Campus for the full day on Friday March 25th and Saturday March 26th is due by 6 pm, Friday, March 11th.

Please check the current Chicago Debate Championship Eligibility Roster for your school, which now has columns listing what the minimum number of debaters you would need to bring would be to meet the participation standard (and receive $750 for T6, according to our Stipend Allocation System – teams failing to meet this number will simply not receive this amount) and the maximum number of debaters that can attend from each school with “At Large” teams and entering all debaters on the Eligibility Roster – along with the T6 Registration Form and T6 schedule .

We’re looking forward to the best city championship yet in our 14 year history – the 2011 Allstate CPS Chicago Debate Championship.

  • All schools are required to participate at the Chicago Debate Championship.
  • All schools receive one “At Large” team to enter, regardless of the number of debaters they have on the Eligibility Roster. Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” schools receive two “At Large” teams.
  • Because there are no mavericks allowed at the Chicago Debate Championship, if you have an uneven number of debaters eligible in a Division – e.g., Woodlawn has 9 debaters eligible in the JV Division – you can “even up” by adding a debater to your Eligibility Roster.
  • You can combine eligible debaters and your “At Large” debaters to make any team configurations you wish – though obviously Varsity debaters (those who have debated 10 or more rounds in any previous school year) cannot debate in the JV Division.
  • There are no substitutions for any reason. If a debater on the Eligibility Roster cannot attend the Chicago Debate Championship, she cannot be replaced by an ineligible debater.
  • The Chicago Debate Championship is one of the six regular, required CDL tournaments. The same Participation Standard applies to T6 as the other five tournaments, with this adaptation: if a school cannot register the full four teams (for returning schools) or two teams (for first-year schools) they must come as close as they can, using their “At Large” (or two “At Large” teams, in the case of Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” schools) in order to meet the Participation Standard. So, for example, Marine Math and Science Academy is a first-year school that has two JV debaters on the Eligibility Roster. They can add an “At Large” team and meet the Participation Standard. Kenwood is a returning school with three Varsity debaters on the Eligibility Roster. The closest they can come to meeting the standard is entering three teams (the three debaters on the Eligibility Roster plus one debater to “even up,” plus one “At Large” team), so that is what Kenwood must do to meet it. Kelvyn Park is a returning school with four debaters on the Eligibility Roster – with the two “At Large” teams they would recieve as an Allstate “Expanding Opportunities” school, they would need to bring four teams to meet standard.
  • Here is a list of the minimum number of debaters based on Eligibility Roster and using “At Large” teams that each school would need to bring to meet the Participation Standard:

    Alcott – 8
    Amundsen – 8
    Austin Polytech – 4
    Bowen – 4
    Brooks – 8
    Champaign – 8
    Chicago Ag – 8
    Clark – 8
    Collins – 6
    Douglass – 4
    Ellison – 4
    Epic – 4
    Evanston – 8
    Farragut – 6
    Harlan – 8
    Hope – 6
    Hubbard – 8
    Hyde Park – 8
    Jones – 8
    Juarez – 4
    Kelly – 8
    Kelvyn Park – 8
    Kenwood – 6
    King – 8
    Lane Tech – 8
    Lincoln Park – 8
    Lindblom – 4
    Little Village – 8
    Manley – 4
    Marine – 4
    Marshall/Mason – 8
    Mather – 8
    Morgan Park – 4
    Noble Street – 6
    Northside – 8
    Northtown – 8
    Payton – 8
    Phillips – 4
    Phoenix – 8
    Power House – 4
    Prosser – 8
    Rauner – 4
    Rowe-Clark – 6
    School of the Arts – 4
    Schurz – 4
    Taft – 8
    Urban Prep – 8
    VOISE – 4
    Von Steuben – 2
    Westinghouse – 8
    Whitney Young – 8
    Williams – 4
    Woodlawn – 4

  • Any judge conflicts (judges who have debated for, helped with, worked at, or coached for a school in the last 4 years) should be entered on the registration form.
  • There will be judge strikes (allowing teams to “strike” a few judges from judging their teams) released the week prior to the tournament – teams must register and list all their judges on-time in order to fill them out for their own teams.
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions or need help with your registration.
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