Three CMSDL Championship Awards

All CMSDL coaches and Support School coaches,

Please take a careful look at these, and reply as soon as you can.

(i) 2011 CMSDL Golden Gavel Award

We will name one 2011 CMSDL Golden Gavel Award Winner at the 2011 Chicago Middle School Debate Championship. This is the top MS coach of the year.

We ask that each MS coach, Support School coach, and CMSDL administrator vote for three coaches from the list below, by sending an email to Forrest Sumlar — — by this Friday, 3/11, at 1pm.

The top three vote-getters will be our three finalists. The CMSDL admninstration will select the single winner of the Golden Gavel. The finalists will all win a certificate and $100. The single Golden Gavel winner will win a plaque and an additional $200 ($300 total).

LaToya Bennett and Brent Turpin, Kershaw
Nicole Brown, Morgan Park
Sarah Fakoury, Alain Locke
Kathy Craig, Alcott
Vernessa Gipson, Franklin
John Jacoby, Ogden
Lauren Mays, Spencer
Christopher McCabe, Zapata
Jill Robison, Frazier
Akilah Scott, South Loop
Eric Shank, Ariel
Benardina Taylor, Shoop
Greg Thompson, Lincoln
Paul Tveite, McCutcheon

(ii) 2011 Most Valuable Debaters

We ask that each school name your Most Valuable Debater of the year. These 14 debaters will be recognized at the 2011 Chicago Middle School Debate Championship and will receive an award.

Please send your school’s MVD to Forrest Sumlar — — by this Friday, 3/11, at 1pm.

(iii) 6th Grade, 7th Grade, and 8th Grade 2011 CMSDL Debater of the Year

We will be recognizing and providing an award to one debater in each of these three grade levels as our overall Debater of the Year. This debater should have the skills, attributes, accomplishments, and aspirations that we wish to hold up as exemplary of what we strive to develop and instill in all of our debaters.

Please send your nomination, and a paragraphy justifying their selection, to David — davidsong@chicagodebateleague — by this Friday, 3/11, at 1pm.

Let us know if you have any questions.

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