Golden Gavel Award Nomination Process

The Chicago Debate League will be awarding the 11th Annual Golden Gavel Award at the 2011 Chicago Debate Championship on March 26th. The Golden Gavel Award is the League’s highest honor given to a CDL coach. It’s parallel to a Coach of the Year award.

For a list of the past illustrious winners, take a look at this Page of Fame.

Here’s a reminder on how the selection process works. We ask that each coach (regular and external) in the CDL vote for up to three coaches from your Conference, from the list of official coaches in each Conference below. Vote by sending Forrest an email no later than Thursday, March 17 — — with three names. You may vote for yourself of your colleague at your school.

We will announce prior to the Chicago Debate Championship the eight finalists — the top two vote-getters from each Conference. Each finalist will receive a certificate and $150 at the Chicago Debate Championship Awards Ceremony. The CDL administratration will select a single winner from the list of finalists as the 2011 Golden Gavel Award winner. He or she will receive an additional $200 ($350 total), and a handsome Golden Gavel Award.

The purpose of the award is to recognize the special excellence of a small group of our coaches — with one most distinguished — and of course by extension acknowledging the dedication and effectiveness of the entirety of our coaches community.


Berry, Robb (Northside)
Conklin, Elyse (Whitney Young)
Davis, Aaron (Northside)
Debord, Oriana (Lane Tech)
Horst, Christine (Lane Tech)
House, Valerie (Lane Tech)
Huff, Tim (Northside)
Makani, Imran (Payton)
Newton, Brandon (Payton)
Okere, Chimene (Lane Tech)
Scheur, Jeff (Whitney Young)


Brown-Vinci, Nicole (Urban Prep — East Garfield Park)
Colson, Bill (Morgan Park)
Colucci, John (Kenwood)
Dodsworth, Scott (Thomas Kelly)
Gaughan, Pat (Lincoln Park)
Edwards, Bob (Phoenix)
Effiong, Iman (Urban Prep — Englewood)
Fritz, Erika (Lincoln Park)
Ginsburg, Fonda (Phoenix)
Glennon, Andrew (Hope)
Goodman, Adam (Jones)
Hayes, Dave (King)
Hilgendorf, Kurt (Hope)
Kauser, Imrose (Schurz)
Kerr, Russell (Jones)
Muchow, Brett (King)
Nicholas, Rachael (Taft)
Nolan, Jen (Kelly)
Plencer, Scott (Taft)
Rutter, Kevin (Schurz)
Santoyo, Lynn (Brooks)
Sawyer, Lizz (Urban Prep)
Silva, John (Lindblom)
Sumlar, Forrest (Morgan Park)
Thawani, Monish (Lincoln Park)
Tveite, Paul (Kenwood)
Yackee, Catherine (Brooks)

“A” Conference

Acevedo, Mikie (Kelvyn Park)
Altorfer, Bill (Hyde Park)
Avendano, Cadmiel (Little Village)
Baumgartner, Don (Marshall)
Castaneda, Veronica (Kelvyn Park)
Dorrell, Jim (Marshall)
Flores, Aida (Juarez)
Forcier, William (Northtown)
Goodman, Steve (Prosser)
Grassmick, David(Rowe-Clark)
Hankerson, Gerald (Prosser)
Harris, Brenton (Rowe-Clark)
Harris, Chris (Chicago Ag.)
Janka, Mark (Rowe-Clark)
Johnson, Kelly (Von Steuben)
Kass, Dennis (Little Village)
Kirmer, Stephanie (Alcott)
Krantz-Perlman, Isaac (Von Steuben)
Leong, Sarah (Mather)
Lerman, Joanne (Noble Street)
Luna, Melina (Alcott)
McBride, Devon (Phillips)
Mulder, Jessica (Hyde Park)
Peralta, Adrian (Juarez)
Polanski, David (Northtown)
Rose, Ebony (Phillips)
Rosentel, Charles (Champaign)
Taylor, Sandra (Prosser)
Thompson, Liz (Mather)

“AA” Conference

Al-Alahari, Muhammad (Manley)
Baskin, Megan (Woodlawn)
Bauer, Vince (Woodlawn)
Bevis, Wayne (Collins)
Bhaghat, Sean (Collins)
Blatz, Susan (Marine)
Branson, Janet (Clark)
Dasher, Jim (Bowen)
Dixon, Stacey (Rauner)
Dressel, April (Power House)
Ford-France, Phyllis (Clark)
Freeman, Daviea (Austin Poly)
Fuentes, Nina (Epic)
Harper, Lauren (Amundsen)
Harraway, Nicole (Westinghouse)
Holifield, Lamont (Ellison)
Johnson, Paul (Westinghouse)
Kanavos, Jeanette (Hubbard)
Land, Vania (Williams)
Medina, Alphonso (Power House)
Mitchell, Stephanie (School of the Arts)
Monks, Aubrey (Austin Poly)
Moorehouse, Heather (Marine)
Nash, Jesse (Hubbard)
Nealon, Jim (Hubbard)
Pincham, Robert (Harlan)
Rivers, Shariba (Woodlawn)
Robinson, Andrew (Amundsen)
Sanchez, Renato (Farragut)
Smith, Marlynne (Manley)
Sokol, Sharon (Douglass)
Story, Tajhma (Harlan)
Tavera, Jesus (Farragut)
Touloupas, Zoe (School of the Arts)
Van Benthuysen, Heather (VOISE)
Velazquez, Lauren (Austin Poly)
Vinci, Nicole (Urban Prep – Garfield)
Walter, Jakita (Douglass)
Weedon, Casey (Farragut)
Woodard, Andrea (Williams)
Wysocki, Bob (VOISE)

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