T4 PD — Coaches Meeting, 12:15pm – 1:15pm

We’re going to hold a Coaches Meeting during Round III of this Saturday’s Chicago Middle School Debate Championship, from 12:15pm – 1:15pm, room TBA. The Tab Room may need to use a few MS coaches as judges during Round III, but if you are a MS coach and you are not judging, please plan to attend this professional development session.

We will address any administrative matters you wish to raise, discuss next season just a bit, then cover Part Two of last tournament’s professional development topic — namely, the centrality of refutation and flow-based debating to the critical thinking increases that competitive academic debate effects. Part Two will focus on the second sheet of the CMSDL Flow Sheet Sample, i.e., the Topicality Violation.

Yes, we’re near the conclusion of this season. But with the spring comes renewal, and a new season, so building on one’s professional development is as well timed now as ever. And coaches will be awarded professional development credit, of course.

Looking forward to seeing everyone (or almost everyone) this Saturday at 12:15pm.

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