Where Schools Stand Relative to the T6 Participation Standard Minimums

Based on the latest T6 registration, here are the schools that as of today have NOT registered enough debaters to meet their T6 participation standard minimums, and thus would NOT receive $750 toward their coach stipends, if a district school, or make progress toward the coach incentives at stake for all schools at the Chicago Debate Championship (number after the dash is their minimum participation standard, number in parentheses is how many students are currently registered):

Have Not Registered:

Alcott – 8
Chicago Ag – 8
Collins – 6
Farragut – 6
Juarez – 4
Kelvyn Park – 8
Manley – 4
Payton – 8
Phoenix – 8
Power House – 4
Prosser – 8
Rauner – 4
School of the Arts – 4
Taft – 8
Urban Prep East Garfield Park – 4
Von Steuben – 2
Westinghouse – 8

Have Under-Registered:

Harlan – 8 (4)
Kenwood – 6 (4)
Little Village – 8 (4)

Northtown – 8 (4)

All other schools that have registered would meet the standard, but will want to look at the Chicago Debate Championship Eligiblity Roster since a few schools have at-large debaters they can use to bring more students to our most exciting tournament of the year.

We have updated the Chicago Debate Championship Eligiblity Roster to reflect how many students each school currently has registered. Schools in red are the ones in the list above, those that have not yet registered enough students to meet their T6 participation standard minimums.

Please contact and expect to be in touch with David for support and help in getting additional students registered to meet your T6 participation standard minimum. The Chicago Debate Championship is our most exciting, prestigious event and your students should be a part of our most important event of the year, a great culmination to a year of hard work and learning.

Schools that have not registered should do so immediately using the T6 registration form – we will soon release the judge strikes for T6 and schools that have not registered in a timely fashion won’t be allowed to fill them out.

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