Final CMSDL Allstate Coaching Incentives

Allstate Insurance Co. has invested in the Chicago Debate League and the Chicago Middle School Debate League this year, as our premier corporate sponsor. Allstate has urged the CDL and CMSDL administration to place greater focus on professional development and cultivating and rewarding high-level debate coaching performance. This is consistent with the widespread understanding in the urban debate field that coach performance is by far the single greatest determinant of student learning and academic achievement growth as a result of participation in competitive academic debate. And it all starts with sustaining debaters’ engagement with this very rigorous and challenging academic activity.

So the Chicago Debate Commission (CPS’s partner in the administration of the CDL and the CMSDL), laid out the 2011 Allstate CMSDL Coaching Incentives, generously funded by Allstate. We now announce the winners of these final, post-T4 Allstate Coaching Incentives.

(i) Allstate Coaching Incentives for Program Building (Increasing Participation 2011/10 over 2009/10)

Ariel – $250
Kershaw – $100
Locke – $50
Ogden – $200
Shoop – $50
Spencer – $150
Zapata – $500

(ii) Allstate Coaching Incentives for Total Participation in 2010/11

1. Lincoln (82) – $350
2. Zapata (80) – $250
3. Ariel (55) – $150

The Incentive Payment Tracking Form provides a full accounting of incentives provided this season. These well-earned final Allstate Incentive payments were mailed out today to coaches at their schools. We hope and expect to be able to offer these incentives again next season!

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