T6 Judge Strikes Available – Due Thursday, 6 pm

T6 Judge Strikes are due Thursday 3/24 at 6 pm.

  • What is this? Teams may select the 4 judges they wish to “strike” from judging their teams during the tournament.
  • Only 4 strikes total, late strike submissions won’t be honored.
  • You may fill a different strike sheet out for each team on your squad if you wish (make sure you put names of the debaters at the top of the sheet if you do), but don’t have to – you could also fill one out for your whole team or for all Varsity or all JV teams.If you do not distinguish between teams, we will enter the strikes for all teams from that school.
  • Strikes will be honored to the best of our ability and may not be honored in the event a scheduled judge must be substituted for or does not pick up their ballot. We will do our best to honor them in elimination debates, but may not be able to depending upon judge availability and who’s left at the tournament from the obligated schools.
  • If you see any judges on the list who are a known conflict-of-interest for your school (meaning they’ve debated for or coached for your team in the last 4 years) that is not noted on the T6 Official Registration, please let David know.
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