Final Coach Stipend Allocations

For district schools, the third and final coach stipend allocations are currently being processed. We’ll soon update you on when they will be accessible to you.

You can check the CPS CDL Budget Loading document to see what your school earned in coach stipends for the second half of the 2010/11 CDL season, based on the CDL Coach Stipend Allocation System.

The CDL finished the season paying out coach stipends $10,000 lower than the CPS CDL amount budgeted for coach stipends — as we projected we would, a month or so ago. So, as per the CDL Coach Stipend Allocation System, we are providing those funds back to coaches from schools whose second semester performance most improved over their first semester performance, based on tournament participation. As we said from the outset, the new CDL Coach Stipend Allocation System is intended to reward performance, not to reduce aggregate support to coaches.

The Coach Incentive Tracking Form has the full listing of schools ranked on this criteria. The top 15 schools will be receiving additional coach stipend payments — paid by check directly by the CDC, so we need each winning school to contact Forrest ( to let us know who should receive the payment.

1st – 5th Schools ($1,000 per school)
1. Marine
2. Woodlawn
3. Thomas Kelly
4. Ellison
5. Kenwood

6th – 10th Schools ($750 per school)
6. Marshall
7. Hyde Park
8. Harlan
9. Hubbard
9. Westinghouse (tie)

11th – 15th Schools ($250 per school)
11. Mather
12. Kelvyn Park
13. Lincoln Park
14. Amundsen
14. Michele Clark (tie)

Congratulations to all of the coaches at these schools.

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