Help Wanted: Chicago Middle School Debate League Core Files Editor

Compensation is $1500. Please peruse the job description and contact David with any questions or to apply – applications should be received by the evening of Thursday, April 28th for full consideration. High school teachers and external coaches are encouraged to apply.

What we’re looking for:

  • Ability to work quickly, the bulk of this editing job will be done in a little over two weeks
  • Ability to meet deadlines is vital – this position was created to enable us to get our Core Files to Middle School coaches earlier this summer by having one person focus on this as their primary project during that time
  • Applicants must have significant amount of time available to dedicate to this editing project between June 17th and July 5th
  • Thoroughness, attention to detail, and care: every piece of evidence – from tags to underlining to choosing which cards are used to ensuring consistent format for Middle School files – will need to be reviewed and edited. Last year’s CMSDL Core Files saw almost all evidence that was used be re-underlined and re-tagged for Middle School students.
  • Experience working with younger debaters and low-level readers will be critical
  • Experience having edited and produced complete, structured, organized, formatted electronic debate files – samples may be requested and facility with Microsoft Office will be required
  • Format will structure all arguments and evidence in a uniform way, please review last year’s CMSDL Core Files for that format
  • Experience with middle school debaters (particularly as a support coach) would be a plus
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