Total Budget Allocations and Incentives

As we have announced, the third and final coach stipend allocation for district schools is in process. We’ll keep you updated on when you’ll see it appear in your school’s account.

You should review the aggregated CPS CDL budget allocation to your school, for the year. Note that the C column is the total coach stipend, so it is equal to columns E – I combined. Column C includes Mentor Coach and Support School Coach allocations, as well as the performance stipends recently announced.

This season, the Chicago Debate Commission supplemented coach stipend allocations with an unprecedented $61,000 in total coach incentives, and we are likely to break the $65,000 level before the end of the year, as we have a couple more smaller opportunities still in the works.

Debate coaches are the most important determinant of the success of the Chicago Debate League. Coaches work directly with students to teach and develop their ability to debate — to read and think critically, and to communicate clearly and persuasively. We hope that you recognize the CDL administration’s continuing commitment to support and reward your work.

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