Reminder: CDSI Registrations Due May 16th


A reminder on the CDSI – the registration deadline of May 16th is coming up in a couple of weeks. All high schools and middle schools with graduating 8th graders have received flyers and registration forms in the mail – if you need additional copies, please contact Forrest Sumlar.

Please note a few important details below:

  • CDSI Dates: 7/25 – 8/12, Monday through Friday, 9 am – 3 pm (now 3 weeks of debate instruction!)
  • Location: Westinghouse College Prep’s beautiful, brand-new, air-conditioned building at 3223 W. Franklin.
  • Top-flight staff: includes current CDL teachers, top CDL alums, and college instructors with national champion-level national debate experience and college head coaches – all selected for their ability to teach students of all levels successfully and improve their skills while introducing the 2011-2012 space topic and Core Files.
  • Targeted instruction by experience level: Labs will be organized by experience level, including Beginning JV, Varsity Transition, Advanced Varsity, and the top-level Circuit Lab, for our most ambitious Varsity debaters.
  • Meals and transportation:Lunch and reduced-fare CTA cards are provided daily
  • CDSI Registration Deadline: 5/16, 6 pm (earlier applicants get priority if capacity is reached), using the CDSI registration form
  • Registration fee per student: $25 non-refundable registration fee to ensure student attendance, all money goes back to CPS programs; students are NOT confirmed to attend the CDSI without $25 registration fee
    • CDSI is limited to only 150 students this year so students choosing not to attend or withdraw will not have this money returned by CPS – all 150 slots will go to motivated, participating students who benefit from CDSI
    • Checks or money orders (no cash) made out to: “Chicago Board of Education” (please note we can’t take checks or money orders made out to CDC, CDL, CPS, Westinghouse or anything else other than “Chicago Board of Education”)
    • Checks or money orders mailed to:
      Chicago Debate Commission, 332 S. Michigan, Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60604
      (please note: checks and money orders should NOT be made out to CDC, but checks and money orders MUST be sent to CDC’s address for collection – do NOT send to Westinghouse or CPS since CDC will confirm student registration payment)

To ensure students meet the deadline, coaches should help register their students, help students fill out CDSI registration forms, help get forms together, and even help collect registration fee checks from parents or from the school if you can find money to put toward the $25 registration fee per student. Please contact with any questions for for help in filling out the registration form.

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