Final Coach Training Seminar

We’ll have our final Coach Training Seminar of the year will be Saturday June 11 (not June 4), 9am – 11am, at the Loyola University School of Law, Corboy Law Center, 25 E. Pearson St., Chicago.

All CDL coaches are invited to attend, from all four Conferences.

The agenda will be:


Review of CDL Guidelines and Policies changes for 2011/12


CDL Debater Development Benchmarks and their influence on 2011/12 coach professional development, student training, debate program assessment, and (we hope) your coaching and instructional plans.


A preview of the arguments in the 2011/12 Core Files.

Please register your planned attendance with Forrest — — by Thursday, 6/2, at 12pm.

We are still issuing Allstate Professional Development Incentives, for those coaches attaining 20 PD hours for the year. Check where you stand for the year on the Professional Development Reporting Notebook.


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