Coaches' Council Minutes — Meeting on June 2, 2011

The fourth meeting of the 2010/11 school year for the CDL Coaches’ Council produced these minutes.

Please take a careful review of them, and get in touch to follow up on any items covered (or not covered) with any of the CDL Coaches’ Council representatives:

Robb Berry, Northside —
Robert Edwards, Phoenix —
Chris Harris, Chicago Ag —
David Hayes, King —
Mark Janka, Rowe-Clark —
Jeff Scheur, Whitney Young —
John Silva, Lindblom —
Cathy Yackee, Brooks —

During the 2011 CDSI (July 25 – August 12) we’ll have an on-line election of the 2011/12 Coaches’ Council members.

The Coaches’ Council members in 2010/11 did very good service to the Chicago Debate League and all should be thanked, and can certainly be elected again (there are no term limits, currently).

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