SY2012 Professional Development Reporting Notebook

We’ve begun to track professional development provision to CDL coaches for the 2011/12 school year (SY 2012) on the SY2012 Professional Development Reporting Notebook. We’ll be posting this weekly throughout the year to consistently track and report on the level of professional development for each coach.

So far all PD has been in the form of CDC site visits to schools. We plan to continue to these at a rapid clip over the next 10 days before the Chicago Debate Summer Institute and the coach training courses, and even on the Thursdays and Fridays of the CDSI dates (July 25 – August 12), so please contact Les or David to set up a meeting at your school to cover any one of a range of pre-season preparation topics. And it is not too late to get your name on the roster of any of the coach training courses being offered, either — and in addition to the robust curriculum, coach attendees will receive 5 hours of CDL PD credit and CPDUs, too. As we get closer to the start of the 2011/12 season we’ll be announcing the schedule for other professional development venues, including Coach Training Seminars and Tournament Meetings.

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