Core Files Distribution Schedule

We will release and post the electronic versions of the High School and Middle School Core Files on Monday, August 1st. Coaches should also look for additional supporting materials such as the Core Files Argument Outlines, Core Files Labels, and Core Files Strategy Guide to start the school year and 2011-2012 debate season.

Interested in getting your hands on the High School Core Files before August 1st? You can.

We are looking for judges for our CDSI camp tournament Wednesday – Friday, August 10th – 12th, particularly Wednesday and Thursday. As an incentive, any coaches who wish to come and volunteer as a judge or sign up adult volunteer judges (those graduated from high school) who are confirmed and committed to judge will get the High School Core Files e-mailed to them in electronic form early next week as we kick off the CDSI. Not only would judging at the CDSI tournament be a good way to get a head-start in your knowledge of the topic and provide feedback on the first debates of the year for students from schools throughout the league (including many brand new JV debaters), it can get you a copy of the Core Files a week before their official release. Please contact David if you are interested in judging at the CDSI tournament or have adult judges who are interested and available to judge as volunteers – no judging stipend is available for CDSI.

Forrest will soon post contact info, prices, and directions for ordering printed Core Files copies for your school.

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